The experienced team at Stop One Distribution has almost three decades of collective experience in the music, consulting and business management fields. Whether engaged in partnership (Atlantic, Enesco, Universal, to name a few) – or ownership – of labels, One Stop has the knowledge and expertise to take artists on its platform into the new face of music – streaming. Never again worry about whether your music will be heard because we provide a platform for artists to take technological control so their music reaches more audiences than ever before. Streaming is the new, easy way to take control of your music while quickly gaining fans from all over the World.

Our goal is to build an all-encompassing, one-stop digital platform where musicians are able to exercise their independence, get their music out to their fans faster, and get paid quicker while retaining full rights to their music.

One Stop Distribution has everything you need to begin your musical journey – from laying down the tracks to distributing them … and everything in between.